Meet luca

Luca Foffano is exploding onto the American Pop – Opera scene having earned his discovery after decades of musical history and classical never-give-up attitude that resonates with every Vibrato and propelled Spinto his voice commands seemingly with ease.

Luca was born in Altobella, Italy to a loving father who recognized a passion for music in his son and placed a guitar in Luca’s hands at the age of 12. Luca discovered his voice while singing with his instrument and at 16 started “Relics Band” with friends and won the Rock Band category at a major music festival.

Luca’s passion for singing became his focus and he prodigiously studied opera with world renowned talent soprano Michela Remor, continuing with soprano Teresa Perdoncin and tenor Antonello Ceron. Today Luca continues his studies at the Studio Andrea Tosoni. 

Luca earned his keep with scientific work and self-employed endeavors with an Electronics Diploma in 1983, working as an MRI Medical Technologist, serving in the Military and Electronic Engineer work for Panasonic and Samsung in Italy. His work ethic continued as he became a Certified Dive Guide in 1994 progressing to Certified Dive Instructor nine years later, culminating in his own company, “Padi Diving Center” in Mestre, Italy.

After three decades of working outside of music – a time most people would falter in chasing dreams – Luca demonstrated resilience of a true star when he revisited his first music group to reinvent it as “Memorabilia.” With the fortitude of decades of hard work having tempered him strong, Luca exploded his refreshed musical career to over 5,000 concert performances. With stunning talent on display his profession would match his passion when hired full-time as a Venetian Gondolier singer in 2009. Performing day and night, Luca became the center of attention among his colleagues and a great friendship grew with famed guitarist Francesco Boldini, together forming “Orchextrana” and producing a record of Venetian music.

Warner Music UK then selected Luca among hundreds at audition, along with two others, for a special project. Basso Michael and Bari-tenor Michele joined Luca at Warner Music UK to form “The Gondoliers” and they released their first record, “Ever Green.” Growing and moving to Decca Records, “The Gondoliers” recorded and released their album, “A Venezia.” After an unfortunate passing of member Michele, Claudio filled the space left behind and the trifecta keep moving forward, showing how no adversity can stop true passion.

Today you will find Luca a soft-spoken gentleman with a naturally polite presence belied by a stunningly powerful and simultaneously warm and precise voice that seldom appears once a decade.

While visiting hospitals and nursing homes in spare time to perform charitably, Luca continues his transition to the American market. Among scheduled performances, including his gala concert with the New York Symphonic orchestra at the Kupferberg Center, Luca released his new album, “Maledetto amore,” that combines classical and original compositions, encompassing a history of natural talent and hard work that leads to a dream realized for a voice you must hear to believe. His successful four concert tour December, 2016, in New York proved that Luca is certainly a force to be reckoned with. 

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