"Torna a Surriento"

Live in concert with the New York Symphonic Orchestra. 

"Un Amore Cosi Grande"

 With Gianni Scribano 

"Maledetto Amore"

The title song from the CD, "Maledetto amore" featuring Debby Lucarda.

"Blue Christmas"

 Luca Foffano and his band with a special gift to the "Fondazione Riviera ONLUS" (ONLUS Foundation, Riviera) at the Athena Center in Mira Porte, Italy. 


Live at Teatro Malibran, Venice, Italy. 

"La Voce del Silenzio"

Live in concert

"Perdere l'amore"

Tribute to Massimo Ranieri.

"Largo al factotum"

The famous aria from "The Barber of Seville" also known as "Figaro's aria," live,Teatro Malibran, Venice, Italy.   


Music and lyrics by Stefano Panizzo